Tons of updates and new member!

5 min readJul 15, 2021

This week was super hype! Lot of new members joined, the resources still going more limited every time new members discover the project and go aboard of our Mothership.

Our Fleet discovered some good things while we was exploring the Metaverse, and everything will be used to improve our equipment and make some more resistant.

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First, talking more about what we already have:

As lot of you know, we released some limited assets:

1- Hero Pass VIP Card (Click to read )

2- ADN (Click to read )

3- Plasma Cylinder

4- By a IPFS bug, a new NFT was created our of our plans, but we got it fast and a plan was made to fix it. We call this NFT ´´The Ghost´´

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Now, lets talk about the Plasma Cylinder:

What is exactly this Cylinder ?

This NFT is the first miner and the only one that can be used in the Alpha test of mining of DMT, the only way to achieve it is in the market or in some event organized by the Control Center (Admin). This valuable NFT was given as a reward to Pass Holders exclusively. Only 3 rarities will be coined. At the moment we will not use it until the time of the test.

How many minted and why ?

Each rarity will have a definitive limit, in the case of the first Plasma Cylinder (Uncommon) will only be 750, of which 611 have already been distributed. The other two rare and Limited Edition rarities will be less than the current ones. This is because we focus more on the productivity and efficiency of future passive income and want our holders to feel that they get good rewards for their investments. These limited editions will never be minted again.

When can i use it ?

As mentioned above, these plasma mechanisms will be used when we have the mining test version ready. There is no exact date but we speculate that it may be in August or September. We work fast but we prefer to do things right, we want this game to be epic.

How much it pay ?

The quantity in WAX or USD will depend on the supply/demand market. But the value in DMT will be 100 for Uncommon, 200 for Rare and 500 for Limited Edition, this is the daily production radius for this series. A new series of Machines( miners ) will come, no date yet, but there will be a Miners Pack.

Now lets talk about the new Discord Roles!

As the community grows, it is necessary to keep track of it to protect the interests of all members and creators who join us. That’s why we established new roles that would work as a brand or badge for the most active. Each roll fulfills a goal both in the server and in the community, to be basically approved for any drop only for roles.

Is the Astronauts better or same than Hero Pass card ?

No, unfortunately the Hero Passes are unique and are not and will not be surpassed by anything in the future. This means that Hero Passes are second to none.

Why should i buy my Astronaut role ?

Holders of the astronaut rank will receive a level 1 whitelist, this means that if you are not an astronaut you cannot buy any of our sales( drop sale ). Also a private channel was created only for astronauts where raffles were posted and many things only for astronauts with the aim of filtering the active players of spammers and bots.

An example: Let’s say there is a draw for 1 Pass, it doesn’t make sense for it to do so among those who already have so we would do it among the active and committed members: Astronauts, giving it the promotion to Hero Pass role.

Can i upgrade my role ?

Yes, you can complete the requirements and get a new role, you not lose the old one, it is like a badge, you can accumulate more roles.

How many roles can i have at same time and what benefit it have?

You can accumulate all the roles if you met the requirements or obtained them by assignment from the admin. The more roles the more priority in the governance of our community and the more possibilities for future rewards.

( More about multi-roles will be published later )

What is the difference between roles ?

Each of the roles has a restriction as to what you can do on the server, giving control to the community almost like an admin or a moderator, this helps us to take care of each other and that the community feels that it is part of something big taking decisions with the creators. Each role specifies a function and a long-term benefit. The benefits will come with new future updates.

Roles are listed on Discord , check #resources to see what is each role.

Im whitelisted directly if im Astronaut ?

No, but if you have the right to enter first than the rest of the community to any whitelist or event, drop exit or free drop. The only ones on the secured whitelist are the Hero Pass Holders. But astronauts may have a margin of time to benefit before the news is published, this is the scheme we will use:

  • Hero Pass Holders will receive the news
  • Astronauts will receive the news
  • News will be public

Why that priority ? Simple, because the holders are people since the beginning on this project, invested, believed in the process and they will rewarded no matter what.

It not mean they will get everything, here is a slice for everyone but, they will get the first bite of this pizza..

Astronaut Price will be 5000 DMT forever ?

No, it will increase as the community grows, so now is the time to be an astronaut. Since we know that mining DMT on the Discord is a couple of days process, I suggest you start now. On the other hand, we will soon discuss other ways to obtain the astronaut role.

As we have already seen, these passes are the basis of the whole community, project and future.

See you Heroes!

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