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5 min readJul 7, 2021

Technical and case of uses for this Pass:

1- What is the ´´Hero Pass ´´ ?

The Hero Pass is a ´´membership´´ that will give you the privilege of being on the white lists just by having it in your wallet. It also works as a “discount coupon” on all sales made by the collection. It is a card limited to a thousand units, which were divided into two groups: 600 which in this special case was awarded directly to the early support members of the project at no cost and 400 that will be basically given away in participation events of the community.

2- Why only 1000 limited amount ?

The main reason we only mint a thousand units of these Heroes Passes is because we understand the importance of their use. This pass will make up a good part of the beginning of the project and we want the true believers of the project to be rewarded and for this to be fulfilled there had to be something special that would connect this wonderful community with the vision of the project.

3- Why only 600 whitelisted?

We know how annoying bots can be, and yes, it is possible for a person to have more than one account, but how many could they have? We use a Form to reduce the use of cheating, making the best possible filter to give everyone the fairest possible the same opportunity. Originally there were 500 for the whitelist and 500 for subsequent events, but in consideration of the high demand from new users wanting a slice of these benefits, we decided to increase to 600 and satisfy our community, that seriously speaking, we want to hear everything you have to do. say and meet as many expectations as possible. For this reason we only gave 600, eliminating the use of bots. The remaining 400 will be awarded fairly in upcoming events.

4- What can we do with the ´´Hero Pass´´? Is there any additional benefit ?

Some of the collection sample NFTs will only be given as a reward to ´´ Hero Pass Holders ´´, this means that limited NFTs can only be obtained if you are a holder of any of the membership cards. New levels of these membership cards will be minted in the future and may be upgraded from the current one to the next membership level. The following levels of memberships will already include more serious and economically important rewards, to the point where the true believers who own the Hero’s Pass and improve it to the next levels will be able to be ´´ members ´´ of the collection, obtaining a percentage of profits from the collection’s sales on the secondary market, and depending on the level of your pass, you can earn higher profits. This is just the beginning, many things will be related to these passes and will be revealed as our work progresses.

NOTE: We decided to use the word ‘’ membership ‘’ to refer to the members who own this asset.

5- Can i have more than one ? The benefit will be multiplied ?

Yes, it is possible to have more than 1 pass and in some cases the effect is multiplied, in others it is not. Let’s give some examples: If you have 4 passes and a drop is made for the holders you can obtain more probabilities or more NFTs, if we make a drop of 500 units among the thousand holders then it will be based on probabilities, but if it is 1 NFT for each pass , so you will get 4 NFTs because you hold 4 passes. Cases in which multiplier is not applied: If we offer a 30% discount on the sale of packs to holders, you will only get the discount once, it would not be logical to offer -120% for your 4 passes. In any case, the benefits and multipliers will always be announced so that the holders know that it is convenient for them in advance.

6- I should sell or hold ?

Sell or hold, from the viewpoint of a reseller / flipper as long as it takes a good value, it is better to obtain secure profits, but from the long-term viewpoint of a holder it is better to hold and obtain those benefits. Why ? Simple, the pass is limited, it was probably obtained in a free drop if you are one of the first to know the project and for others it is the NFT that will give you access to unique possibilities, without the pass it will not be possible.

7- It will have more functions in-game ?

That’s right, so far I only told you out of the game since the game creation process requires that all assets are minted and in circulation, and this will take a little time so we want you to generate passive and participation income while this happens .
Within the game there will be increased possibilities for crafting new NFTs, improvements, decreases the reload penalty time in the use of hangar and ships, it would enhance mining and other interesting things that we will announce in due course.
It is possible that in the future, through new collaborations, more use cases will be created in-game and outside the game only accessible with passes.

8- This is the only one ´´Hero Pass´´ level/rarity ?

No, other levels of Heroes Passes will be minted but there is no date set yet. We want the game to flow correctly even before starting the Alpha phase, so we will go step by step correctly, but answering the question, other levels will be coined and each level will become more limited as the benefits multiply. . It is likely that some of the following levels require the burn of some previous levels, since to increase the benefits it is necessary to decrease the amount in circulation.

9- How can i get one after whitelist is close ?

As it has been mentioned several times, it can only be obtained through events created in the community or in the secondary market. The next levels of passes will not come out for now, and we do not have the exact date of when, it will still be announced when it will happen.

10- what happen if i burn it ?

We do not have planned the burn of passes until it is required by some superior pass, if you decide to burn your pass it will be automatically added to the black list and you will not be able to participate in any of the next sales or free drops, you will not be able to participate in any activity of the community where some kind of NFT from the collection is directly awarded. If he can play the game and if he can buy from the secondary market. I think burning your pass could be the worst choice, if you don’t want to, you can sell it or give it to someone who needs it.

We hope this information helps you understand the importance of Heroes Passes and make the best decision.

See you soon Hero !

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