Heroes, ADN news are live !

3 min readJul 12, 2021


Hello Heroes, as promised, the announcement about ADN NFTs is here. Read this article and you will understand all about our recently drop: ADN.

What is ´´ADN´´ ?

It is a formula based on the DNA of the heroes, which enhances the abilities of those who consume it. To be more direct, it’s a BOOST to your Hero’s statistics. It is permanent and does not burn or spend with its use unless it is required by some BLEND that we do in the future, and if this happens it would be to improve even more.

Why is Template name called spacepromoh1?

Space: from game name, promo: because its in Lore a Range Promotion after use it, H: by ´´Hero´´ and 1: by collection name.

Which ´´skills´´ can it upgrade on my hero ?

All heroes have specific qualities, each is good in a specific area and each area has difficulties of use and other characteristics that define them. Heroes should improve their Status to improve their results, with good performance there are better benefits.

How many minted ?

Only 1000 Minted, no more will be minted.

Its too much 1000 mints ? Why ?

No, it is not ´´too much´´, since the amount of heroes and players will be above the amount of ADN for hero boost, this NFT is classified as LIMITED.

Is this ADN the only variant or there is other variants?

We do not yet plan to do the base DNA exchange for the 3 types of Personalized DNA that were created in the laboratory, but we do state that there are 3 types of DNA that will be born from the main DNA: Intelligence, Strength and Speed. To get them you need a Base DNA. PS: Blue is the base.

What can we do with ´´ADN´´ NFT now while game still in development?

Good question, the reason why we dropped it before game start is because this is an HOLD item qualified for surprise drops.

It is a miner ?

It is not a miner, it will help the Mining Hero to mine more.

I hope it help you to understand why is important this ADN, and if you want to read the LORE, and see how it is integrated in-game, here below is the Space Heroes Lore about the ADN:

ADN Game Lore

The first space heroes are believed to have been the most agile, strong and intelligent individuals in the entire era of space colonization. That is why the scientist Alfonso de Azara and his prodigy assistant Jaidev Biswas devised a way to keep these heroes alive … or at least their abilities. They extracted and decoded their DNA molecules and generated serums that would enhance the abilities of the next generations should a failed mission or the passage of time kill humanity’s greatest champions… but they discovered too, a way to use it to upgrade their own abilities.

See you Heroes!

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