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Hello, this is a fast guide to help you to start in Space Heroes Alpha phase.

The game modes you will play now is not the game at all. This alpha is being tested internally (codes, database, smart contract…) but outside while our UI is developed you can do all of this using our Telegram Bot, yeah, this is an amazing Bot who can do a lot of things, basically a Play to Earn Bot.

Let’s get started !

From where to start ?

Personally my recommendation is our Telegram Mining, because is the most easy way since not need too much and everyone involved in this business and games use telegram and now you can chat with friends and at the same time make some money. But there is a different ways to participate in this phase, we already have different programs to reward our members.

Before start, if you not have a WAX wallet you can create one at wallet.wax.io now check the list below, select the title you want to read and click.

Telegram Mining

This image will show you all you need. Read and follow the steps.

1- Mining license is needed to play the game in alpha, you can buy HERE.

2- You need one Scientific and one Engineer to mine our Nanomium and Laxium tokens. Now is time to get some TOOLS for our Heroes, more high rarity mean more power, you can see the power in the top right of the picture.

3- If you want to blend some of the same tools to increase the power and rarity you can do it HERE.

I have the License, Heroes, Tools, now what ?

The next step is get inside our Bot and link your WAX wallet to start mining.

  • Our Bot link HERE
  • Use the command /Start to start linking your wallet. The bot will read your assets and you can start mining.
  • Here below the picture as example. Click the button named Nanomium and Laxium to mine our resources, you can mine the resources every 2H.
  • The mining have some rules to prevent cheaters, you can read the rules HERE.
  • At the moment we are writing this guide some updates are coming, this guide will be actualized later, if you find something new you can ask in our Telegram group or Discord.
  • If you own the LUCK+1 NFT, you have the chance to pull free NFTs from our mining pool, if you pull one NFT the bot will notify you, check picture below.

This is the LUCK+1 NFT

This is how the Bot notification looks when you pull a NFT from mining.

TIP: More tools you have more mining power.

Telegram Mining Tools (update 2.0)

  • Each tool has a limit of use
  • When it reaches its maximum use it will need repair
  • The number of uses will be determined by the rarity
  • The repair costs will depend on ´´in which Hangar´´ you repair.
  • Every time you mine, all the tools used in that round lose one point, since they were all used, they will all break with the use.
  • When a tool breaks, that does not count when calculating the amount of resources that the next round can give you, until you repair it in a hangar.
  • If you buy or craft new tools they will count for mining but broke tools not, you have to repair if you want to use it.
  • You will have access to a list of hangars with available spaces to use and the price they ask.
  • The list will be shown ordered according to the cost of the repair in each Hangar.
  • The resources obtained with mining can be traded with each other, NAN / LAX, NAN / DMT, LAX / DMT.
  • If you do not have resources to repair your tool, you can obtain them by trading it for the missing resource or buying it with the DMT that you have in the staking (subject to change).
  • You can use Telegram bot to check how many uses has a tool left before repairing. You just need to copy and paste NFT ID from Atomichub. This Will be improved in the Future with our website where every tool will show their remaining uses

— — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Hangar & TG Mining 2.0

(Update: 23/10/2021)

The new update include the Hangar use in this public testing phase, easy and fun, using your telegram bot @SpaceHeroesBot, you will find 2 new buttons.

  • Tools and Hangars, now, what can i do with my 2 new buttons ?

Tools: The place you see all your tools, rarity, durability, repair alert and others.

Hangar: There you can do all the uses for Hangars, read HERE for more information, but basically you can setup your hangar for renting, for your personal use. Change the name, setup the repair price, the crafting price, Hangar level and more.

We allowed Hangar owners to repair and craft in their own Hangars only paying 5% Fee. If someone rent you the hangar then you get 95% of the income and we take 5% to our treasure.

Now, lets do it step by step:

First, the tools have the following Durability :

  • Common : 2000 Pts
  • Rare: 2000 Pts
  • Epic: 3000 Pts
  • Legendary: 6000 Pts
  • Mythic: 8000 Pts
  • Unique: 10000 Pts ( No minted yet )

How the durability works ?

  • Every time you mine the durability is affected by the Nanomium & Laxium Ores, this rocks have a Damage Difficult depending the Ore level, at the moment the Ore is level 1 = 180–250 Damage.
  • The minim repair cost in this testing phase are:

Common Tools : 20
Rare Tools : 100
Epic Tools : 300
Legendary Tools : 1000
Mythic Tools : 4000

  • Then after mine, the tool will decrease the durability depending the damage received.
  • When the tool reaches the maximum supported durability it breaks, and if you don’t repair it it will not work in the next rounds of mining.
  • To repair your tools you can use your own Hangar or the neighbor, there will be one button to repair one time all the broke tools to save you time.

Now lets do this in the practice:

  • Go to your bot and press ´´ Tools´´ button.
  • Now you will see something like this:
  • /t_296644 Mean template ID, then the tool rarity and total you have.
  • Now click in one Template ID to check your tools if you want to know how much durability still left, repair and others.
  • Then you will see this :
  • The broke tools will show the yellow alert, the NFT ID and durability full/max.
  • Now is time to repair our tools, click Repair and you will see a new window who show you the total tools broke, and a list of Hangar IDs or Names with the repairment cost:
  • Select the Hangar from the list, is ordered from the most cheap repair price. Click in the Name if it have a name or click in the ID to enter into the selected Hangar.

Now the new window will show you the Overview:

  • Hangar ID
  • Status Open/Close
  • Owner Wallet
  • Hangar Level
  • Amount of uses Available/Total
  • Maintenance Status : Open/Close
  • Repair cost in Laxium and Nanomium
  • The button to repair all your tools in one click just clicking in the /r_ID

Now you know how to repair your tools and also how to understand the information to create your strategy. Now let me show you how to setup your own Hangar:

  • Click in Hangar button, and will appear a new window with your hangars.
  • Click in the template you want to see, and a list of all the hangars you have will be shown.
  • The yellow rectangles show you the Hangar status Open/Closed, you can change the status depending the strategy you are using, if is closed only you can use your Hangar, if is open everyone can use it, we can make the next guide about why it is important.
  • Now click in the ID of the Hangar to see the Overview.
  • At this point probably you understand all the points marked in this screenshot. The yellow square below is to Open/Close the Hangar, and the green one is for Open/Close the maintenance, if you close the Hangar only you can use it, if you close only the maintenance then people can use your hangar for other activities but not to repair their tools. You can repair your tools even if maintenance is closed.
  • If you click ´´Edit´´ then you enter into the editable side of the Hangar where you can add a name instead ID and other functions not available yet. The new function will be updates later.
  • To setup your price you have to use the commands, the bot include a list to help inside the ´´Edit´´ but let me share an example : /hh_1099570439748_mcost nan 1

The command instructions :

/hh_(HangarID)_mcost (resource nan or lax) amount

More commands, functions, roles and more coming soon. Enjoy the test phase!


NOTE: This article is not completed, was posted to help members but will be daily updated until we complete the full guide. The mark ´´#´´ mean not added yet to the guide.

INDEX ( Alpha )

  • Telegram Mining
  • Hangar & Crafting #
  • NFT Staking #
  • In game Store #
  • In game Marketplace #
  • DMT Mining Mode #


  • Liquidity Mining #
  • NFT Holder #
  • VIP Holder #
  • VIP2 Shareholder #

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Disclaimer :

All the data can be improved, adjusted or nerfed if needed to keep a good balance and push the project to growth long time, and our members to get the investment back (ROI) more fast as possible without affect the game economy and project live.

See you Heroes!

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This is an NFT Play-To-Earn game inside the metaverse. Get your Hero NFT, Tools, Ships, build Hangar, Lab, and make your own Galactic-Station!