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Heroes, our team is ready to release our Limited Drop of Tools.

Grab your tools and upgrade their power, limited higher rarity

As you already know, we launched a mining on Telegram, which is linked to our game Space Heroes, to reach one of our goal: A Multiplatform Blockchain Game. This mining collects resources in advance of the launch of our first stage of the game, since these resources will be aggressively spent on crafting many NFTs, improvements, missions, exploration, exchanging and much more. Until now we were extracting these resources with only our Heroes, but seeing that it is not enough, our scientists and engineers decided to use brute force, Special Tools.

Drop time:

Monday 9/27/2021, 16:00 UTC ( Free drop for VIP members )

Monday 9/27/2021 , 17:00 UTC ( Sale )

Free VIP members drop:

They will receive one of each tool for each VIP Pass hold.

The rest of the Tools will be released for sale to give new players the opportunity to enter and participate in our game even in this test and development stage.

To participate in this open sale you need:

1- Be Holder Cadet
2- Hold 3+ NFT from our collection
Purchase Limit: 3 of each tool, 30 second time reset.

Total tools for sale:

Engineer Tool: 3000 common + (600 we reserve for events)
Scientific Tool: 3000 common + (600 we reserve for events)
Price: 15 WAX

The Blend will be available 1h after the drops finish.

Blend Rules: 3 same rarity = 1 of next rarity
Rarity available : common, rare and epic ( legendary and mythic soon )

Reservations: The total of the reserved NFTs will be made Public in our social networks.

NOTE: Mining tools, boost and similar are not stakeable since they have a mining power and is required to mine resources or complete tasks.


To The Next Galaxy!

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See you Heroes!

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