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There will be 100 different Components to Craft and use for everything in our game.

The Hangar is one of the most important assets in Space Heroes, as everyone knows we are on the way to creating an RPG game where users can specialize in different areas or roles, manufacture assets of different levels and rarities, market them and much more. A large part of these assets will be created in the Hangar and there will even be parts that can only be manufactured by the most developed Hangars. Next we will explain the mechanics of the Hangar and how it will work in this test stage and especially how they can generate income.

There will be 100 different Components to Craft and use for everything in our game.

(Please read more than once if necessary to understand the operation before asking multiple questions in the community chat)


Let’s start with the Resource Tools that we use in mining in Telegram BOT, these tools in test mode only mined Nanomium and Laxium without any type of restrictions or gameplay, now they will have both:

Telegram Mining Tools (update 2.0)

  • Each tool has a limit of use
  • When it reaches its maximum use it will need repair
  • The number of uses will be determined by the rarity
  • The repair costs will depend on ´´in which Hangar´´ you repair.
  • Every time you mine, all the tools used in that round lose one point, since they were all used, they will all break with the use.
  • When a tool breaks, that does not count when calculating the amount of resources that the next round can give you, until you repair it in a hangar.
  • If you buy or craft new tools they will count for mining but broke tools not, you have to repair if you want to use it.
  • You will have access to a list of hangars with available spaces to use and the price they ask.
  • The list will be shown ordered according to the cost of the repair in each Hangar.
  • The resources obtained with mining can be traded with each other, NAN / LAX, NAN / DMT, LAX / DMT.
  • If you do not have resources to repair your tool, you can obtain them by trading it for the missing resource or buying it with the DMT that you have in the staking (subject to change).
  • You can use Telegram bot to check how many uses has a tool left before repairing. You just need to copy and paste NFT ID from Atomichub. This Will be improved in the Future with our website where every tool will show their remaining uses

NOTE: The exact numbers of uses for tools will be announces after our balancing test, when the update are ready to release, it will happen very soon.

In Game Exchange 1.0

  • You can change DMT for some other resource, as long as you have availability in ´´To_claim´´.
  • Whether you have a hangar or not, you can trade resources. You have the option to create an offer (X nan for Y lax) or vice versa. They are withdrawn from your wallet until someone accepts it or until you cancel the offer.
  • The resource market will work under supply / demand similar to a limit order, you can propose your offer to exchange resources and if someone is interested, it can be done, each exchange has a fee of 1% (subject to change according to the balance of the game to long term)

Hangar ( Mechanism Improved 2.0):

  • If you own a hangar, you have the possibility of renting it so that others can come to repair their tools. Your Hangar is listed in the ´´available´´ section as an option for players.
  • You will collect (income) the repair costs paid by the user.
  • You can configure the amount you decide to charge for the repairs, this is the price that users will see before repairing, in short, the owner of Hangar establishes its price for repairs.
  • The number of daily repairs is limited depending on the type of hangar.
  • The Hangar can be ´´Upgraded´´ to increase its limit of uses, but it will only be available when the Command Center allows it to happen (According to the demand of the game we will balance with more capacity)
  • When the uses of the Hangar are exhausted, you must wait for the time when the counter is reset to repair or for someone to come to repair with you.
  • If you have the Hangar for rent (open) and you remove it from the list (close) you have to wait 3 hours to open it (put it back on rent).
  • Repair costs will be paid in resources to get started, but may change on or before the BETA. A specific Material (NFT) may be required after several repairs.
  • Hangars will accumulate ´´experience´´ each time it is used for repairs.
  • When the experience reaches its maximum, the Hangar will be able to level up. To level up a Hangar it requires Components, resources, DMT or the combination of the 3 depending on the level.
  • When the Hangar levels up, it unlocks ´´recipes´´ to make NFTs, at this point Space Heroes will no longer mint NFTs from the collection, the owners of the Hangars will be the ones who do it or the players to whom they rent the Hangar.
  • Higher level Hangars are more likely to drop a better rarity of NFT created from their recipes. The odds change depending on the level.
  • When the same recipe is used many times, the ´´Speciality´´ increases. The specialty is a factor that guarantees a greater probability of obtaining better rarities in this or these specific NFTs.
  • Hangars can ´´Specialize´´ in the Recipes / NFTs that they prefer, in this way they create their own ´´business´´ within the game making NFTs of better rarity compared to other Hangars.
  • If they use other recipes, the specialty of their higher recipes begins to decrease, and the specialty of the new recipes they are making begins to increase.
  • If you decide to sell the Hangar, the progress is not lost, each Hangar individually stores its progress, the next owner receives it with all the progress accumulated by the previous owner.
  • Before buying a Hangar in the Atomic secondary market you can check its level using the NFT ID. We plan to write this information about the NFT in ´´Mutable´´ data, for now it would be manual.
  • Recipes may require resources, DMT, other NFTs, or a combination of these 3.

Income 2.1 ( New Balancing from last one 2.0):

  • In our last update we calculates some % split among us and Hangar owners, not we improved the income and Hangar owners set the price for renting and get paid directly to their wallets 95% of the price settled in Resources and DMT.
  • Every time people use the Hangar for crafting and other uses owners will receive same income distribution.
  • Every 7 days Command Center will send the weekly reward ( DMT + Resources) it can decrease with the time since income from Hangar use and demand will increase.
  • Business: Hangar owners upgrading their speciality can craft amazing NFTs requires for lot of buildings, spaceships and others, Hangar owners can sell it in market or trade with players making in game business.
  • Spaceships and tools need upgrades, leveling, repair and more inside Hangar.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Disclaimer :

All the data can be improved, adjusted or nerfed if needed to keep a good balance and push the project to growth long time, and our members to get the investment back (ROI) more fast as possible without affect the game economy and project live.

See you Heroes!

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