Yeah! Our Free Whitelisted Drop#2

2 min readJul 11, 2021


Here is not too much to say, is a FREE DROP! So grab your NFT, and remember HOLD and wait for the official announcement about what we can do with this curious NFT called ´´ADN ´´.

Yep, i know, you want to know more about it but, we like the perfect match we do using the Medium to tell you more about the LORE and real use In-Game and out of the game of this NFT.

Short Information:

NO MORE of this assets will be minted, there is only 1000 of each variation and there is 3 variant, this drop is for one of them, other 2 will be announced like this one. This assets will have utility as BOOST in game.
To craft the ´´Special´´ one you need all 3. If you hold one or two the BOOST effect will be less than the Special one. Formula: a+b+c=Special(d)

Hero Pass Holders will receive an Small Miner, only 1000 Small Miners will be minted, only 601 will be sent to holders, 100 for giveaway and 299 not plans to mint at the moment, but can be before first pack sale possibly ( No date about Packs sale yet ), so it mean if you hold more than one pass you will receive more miners, is one miner per card.
Information about the small miner and the other assets will be announced later after drop is completed, minted and sent to all members.

NOTE: Form will be closed when 1000 wallets are registered ( 600 reserved for Hero Pass Holders ).

Here the form Link Space Heroes Drop#2 (

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Extra Information:

We are working hard to release this week the website and mint the first NFTs Heroes to apply for Atomic Whitelist, is not an easy job but we are on the way,

Remember DMT token is ready to get mining as ´´playing ´´ on Discord and an official announcement about this economy will be released as soon as possible.

Everything is looking good and we are so thankful with our community for the amazing support. Our priority now is complete the website, whitepaper, roadmap and get whitelisted. Its already less than 2 week from we started.

See you Heroes!

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