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Article 2.0 ( Updated )

Hello Heroes👋!

We have more news, our super-humans are building a new Hangar to evolve our technologies and the chances to survive and safe our people.

Here the details:

We are excited to announce📢 Hangar sale whitelist for Space Heroes. Each whitelist will have a difference time of 5 minutes, between drops.

DATE: October 16th 17:00 UTC, Pre-Minted packs

***Unpacking October 19th 17:00 UTC***

Packs include:

  • 1 Hangar ( Secured )
  • Extra chances to grab new others NFTs. Each pack has a chance of containing 0 to 10 extra NFTs inside. Every NFT inside have individual chances to drop 1 or nothing. Those NFTs are building materials, spaceship parts, some VIP 1 and others.

Packs price for each Whitelist:

  • Whitelist 1: $160
  • Whitelist 2: $160
  • Whitelist 3: $180
  • Whitelist 4: $210

Some of you might be wondering why hangar sale??
As others games have lands for gameplay and to earn passive token we have hangars for our Spaceships. Everyone already know Hangars are core part of Spaceship and Mining game as hangars are required to craft ships also repair your ships and tools.

Hangars earn

Hangar owners will earn by renting, commissions and weekly payments, each Hangar have a limit of members at same time using the services to balance the Hangar income to all the owners. We will not have more Hangar sale like this one, lucky owners will enjoy Hangar income for lifetime.

What happen if we growth in users and Hangar capacity is not enough ?

  • More we growth more we increase the Hangar capacity and owners can level up to increase their capacity. This mechanism will balance the income for all Hangars while more members start playing Space Heroes.
  • Since Hangar owners have to use neighbor Hangars, it mean more players(demand) for the available Hangar capacity(demand), in result economy balanced.

Licenses and VIP required to play the game are less than Hangar, how can more players join to the game ?

  • As we have mentioned multiple times, the license is required at this stage of the game, but for the BETA a card will no longer be necessary to start the game.
  • VIP Pass will keep their benefits, also they will be the first to test our BETA and new game modes.

Then the License will be useless in BETA ?

  • No, all the license owners will upgrade their license with chances to get one of 3 different Player Cards, who will give some game boost ( like benefits), the upgrade have 33.33% chances for each card, it mean you will get a new card randomly.

There will be 3 different rarities for Hangar :

  • Cadet Hangar: 1 Player limit, Upgrade level 1, Size: Small
  • Squad Leader Hangar: 2 Player limit, Upgrade level 1, Size: Medium
  • Elite Squad Hangar: 4 Player limit, Upgrade level 1, Size: Big

Hangar Quantity:

  • Cadet Hangar: 3000
  • Squad Leader Hangar: 1500
  • Elite Squad Hangar: 500

Distribution ratio among different Rarity: 5:7:10

Distribution of total tokens among Different rarity:

  • Cadet Hangar: 50%/ 3000= 0.0166%
  • Squad Leader Hangar: 34%/ 1500= 0.0227%
  • Elite Squad Hangar: 16%/ 500= 0.032%

Weekly Reward — Dark Matter Tokens

  • Cadet Hangar: 300 Per Week (1200 Per month)
  • Squad Leader Hangar: 400 Per Week (1600 Per month)
  • Elite Squad Hangar: 500 Per Week (2000 Per month)

Whitelist Requirements :

  • Whitelist 1 ( Secured ):
    Elite members(holders of 5+ passes) + Top 20 investors (according to secondary market) + Top 20 Holders (Top 20 holders for space heroes NFTs). Snapshot will be applied 1H before start to balance the total participants and whitelist 1 members can purchase 3 Hangars(secured and limit).
  • Whitelist 2 ( Secured ):
    VIP members (Hero pass VIP holders) will need to hold 15+ Space Heroes NFTs. Whitelist will be Dynamic (Proof of ownership) and whitelist 2 members can purchase 2 hangars(secured and limit). Whitelist 2 have 24h to claim the Hangar reserved, since some VIP Pass are lost around some abandoned, BOT or mutli-account wallets there will be some Hangars unclaimed, those Hangars will be moved to spaceheroes1 wallet and used as rewards for future events.
  • Whitelist 3 ( Secured ):
    Top 100 investors (According to secondary market) + Top 100 Holders of Space Heroes NFTs.
    Snapshot will be made 1h before the sale and whitelist 3 members can purchase 1 Hangar(secured and limit). Reset time 5 Minutes.
  • Whitelist 4 ( Open Sale):
    Members who hold 5+ Space Heroes NFTs. Whitelist will be Dynamic (Proof of ownership) and whitelist 4 members have 1 hangar purchase limit, no secured Hangar. Reset time 30 seconds.


  • Only NFTs in your wallet will count, NFT in Staking will not count, we recommend you ´´unstake´´ to participate. This is a dynamic system where the system read and detect if you meet the criteria.
  • If members meet the criteria for more than one whitelist, they can participate in all the whitelist sale they meet the criteria.
  • 5% of the total income from this sale will be distributed among VIP2 Owners. This distribution will be announced after The sale is completed. More details about VIP2 Program will be announced before the sale.
  • Hangars earnings will start in 3 Phases, after the sale we will announce it to make an individual article for this stage.

Regards Space Heroes Team.🤗


See you Heroes!

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