Twitter is Ready!

1 min readJul 2, 2021


Hello Hero! We invite you to follow us on Twitter.

You asked and we serve!

The Space Heroes Twitter is ready to follow.

Here the link :

We are working hard to get the first Free Drop ready, probably for Monday but no later than next week.

Currently the official website is under development and at the same time the NFTs of the first Heroes Pack!

We don’t want to rush everything to get it right, and it works perfectly for both sides. We ask for a little patience and that you invite your friends so that they do not miss the first wave of the white list where we will select the first to support the project.

Many good things are to come: The main story of the game will be revealed soon! Exciting right ?!

Do not forget to follow us on Twitter and participate in Telegram, for now it is there where we will announce each update.

Go for it, Heroes!


Atomic Collection:





This is an NFT Play-To-Earn game inside the metaverse. Get your Hero NFT, Tools, Ships, build Hangar, Lab, and make your own Galactic-Station!