Tons of updates and new member!

Now, lets talk about the Plasma Cylinder:

Now lets talk about the new Discord Roles!

Is the Astronauts better or same than Hero Pass card ?

Why should i buy my Astronaut role ?

Can i upgrade my role ?

How many roles can i have at same time and what benefit it have?

What is the difference between roles ?

Im whitelisted directly if im Astronaut ?

  • Hero Pass Holders will receive the news
  • Astronauts will receive the news
  • News will be public

Astronaut Price will be 5000 DMT forever ?

As we have already seen, these passes are the basis of the whole community, project and future.

See you Heroes!

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This is an NFT Play-To-Earn game inside the metaverse. Get your Hero NFT, Tools, Ships, build Hangar, Lab, and make your own Galactic-Station!