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Hello Heroes!

This article will talk about our Store, Mining Mode (Alpha test), Whitepaper, Roadmap and some updates related to the game.

To start we want to clarify we still in Alpha phase, this phase is not showing UI development because we are mostly testing our coding and other things behind the scene and balancing our numbers to make a stable long term game.

The Store

The Store will be live tomorrow 15:00 UTC, will have only one product to buy : Tools Mining Pack

To buy the tools you only have to click BUY and it will take 25,000 DMMT from your wallet, like a normal purchase that everyone know. No purchase limit, is open to everyone.

The Packs can be storage in your Inventory, you can unpack any time you want or hold it to sell on our in-game market who will open the doors soon.

About odds there is the details in the tool pack.

NOTE: Our store like i said before, is not the final UI, we will test the coding, the functionality and everything, by that reason more products are not added yet but will be included soon.

DMT Mining Test Mode

  • You can use many tools as you want
  • To use more tools you must have to unlock more slots
  • You can mine the first DMMT Ore difficult (Normal)
  • Tools have rarity, cooldown, mining reward in parameter and durability.
  • Ores inflict damage to the tools in every use.

More details when mining mode has been turned on, we know you like an easy article, so we’ll make one especially for DMT tools.

BETA´´ Sneak Peek´´

Now, to not make this article too long, we want to share some details about our coming game mechanics in BETA phase:

This tools from Store will be used for mining mode test, and will be available in our BETA in the “Items” category. This means that you can equip this tools to your Heroes.

Yes, we plan to create an RPG where you can equip your Heroes with tools, weapons, types of armor or clothes depending on the type of Hero. They can be manufactured, repaired, bought and sold, also destroyed to get materials of these Items that you no longer use, in this way we eliminate the “abundance”, the max supply will be infinite but the availability will be limited. The Heroes will have their statistics depending on the rarity and profession.

We plan to create a game with a community driven blockchain economy. You can own a Store in the Market, rent Vehicles and Spaceships, discover and own Artificial Planets, build Factories, expand and create your own Clan, inviting your friends to work together, fight for Natural Resources dominance and much more…

Imagine a Metaverse where your assets are passively working for you, and I am not talking about a staking, I mean a Metaverse that feels parallel to real life, charging for the rental of Properties or Services, the sale of merchandise (NFT) elaborated by yourself in your factories, Hangar, Resource Collectors, Artifact creation, Equipment, improving your Specialty, creating business in the game in infinite ways based on your own strategy. My favorite is the transportation system, renting my ships and vehicles to players who do not own.

The first wave of members to try out the BETA will be the Hangar owners, then the VIP, and the third wave all other players. This is because to run the transport system it is necessary to deploy the hangars within the game, as well as the configuration of the MOLE vehicles and spaceships that will be crafted before launching our BETA.

All the NFT released in our collection will be used in this BETA, please be little more patient.

This BETA is coming powerful thanks to all of you who help us to complete this test phase to be sure the mechanism works properly.

We want to share more but it is step by step, to prevent “situations”. We hope you understand.

Whitepaper & Roadmap

Our official(final) update about Whitepaper and the full resumed Roadmap will be posted this month, no date because can happen very soon, stay tuned, there is more information to process but this time more organized and simplified to make it more easy to read and understand. By our side we still working, on the game, this next 3 months will be more quiet but we will share more sneak peek in our Discord server.


About marketing, we are doing our marketing low profile at the moment until we finish a good product to show to the audience. We contacted some investment company, partners and some good relationships are coming, all we need is complete this stage and release the BETA to start 100% focused in our expansion.

One of our partners is CityStates, a Play to Earn Multichain game and company involved in some amazing Blockchain projects that are already in development and which, in our opinion, are big steps in the future of Dapps.


Space Heroes have planned the expansion to other blockchains, this process can take some months since our priority is our fully playable BETA, but, our team after some meetings last week agreed about BSC expansion after release our BETA, basically not too far. When this happen, is probably a big percent of DMT will be burned in WAX.

Crafting and Spaceships

November is a great month, lot of news coming and one of them is the recipes for some of our vehicles and spaceships. We will allow the craft before the BETA because to get into the game you need a spaceship or rent one from other players. You will start in a Intergalactic Space Station who connected with all the galaxies and planets, this is the start point of our game, there you will do a lot of things and one of them is travel to other solar systems, planets and more. More information in our next Whitepaper update, the official Whitepaper.

NOTE: Heroes Blend coming soon this month.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Disclaimer :

All the data can be improved, adjusted or nerfed if needed to keep a good balance and push the project to growth long time, and our members to get the investment back (ROI) more fast as possible without affect the game economy and project live.

See you Heroes!

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