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Hello Heroes!

We previously mentioned that 30 new NFTs are to be minted and 5 major NFTs as well. These NFTs can only be obtained in events, in resource mining, and by playing the next game modes that are to come. Another way to obtain it is in airdrops, casual sales and in our in-game store in exchange for Laxium, Nanomium and DMT.

At this stage we would be preparing to be a P2E RPG game, where you can develop your own strategies and progress as you choose. You can even become a great manufacturer of some materials or parts and set up your business in-game and sell your creations in the Atomichub market.

These new NFTs will be the evolution of what we currently know to what is to come. You can improve your heroes, vehicles, ships, hangar, factories, resource mines, build your colony, build your Mothership and even open your clan. The amount required at each level or for each upgrade and creation will increase depending on various factors. Creating a piece to build your own Mothership may require (example) 5 Gear, 10 PowerUP, 22 Cable and others.

The supply of these NFTs will be unlimited but, the quantity in circulation and available in the market will be quite limited taking into consideration the few ways to obtain them and the need to obtain them. This NFT will be part of all the next NFTs coming, since you need to burn it as part of all the recipes the amount in circulation and available will be lower and limited.

To obtain them we recommend participating in community activities such as Telegram Mining, Liquidity Mining, Game Modes, VIP Drops, Community Contest or Raffles. They will also be available in the Game Store in exchange for our DMT currency and LAX and NAN resources.

UNLOCK: Players can unlock some special NFT completing the requirements and tasks who require this NFTs, even some special features in-game.

They are 35 different, just imagine the business possibilities!

Holder Drop: Members who hold more than 30 Space Heroes NFTs in their wallet have a chance to receive “surprise” drops. They can participate and receive suddenly and at any time any of these new NFTs. Since this is a Game Project, we recommend you start creating your strategy and a good assets distribution to play properly the game and make the best rentability.

Liquidity Miners: Every week a random NFT is sent to them from this schema or others.

Telegram Miners: NFT dropped randomly just mining, chances can be improves with our coming LUCK NFT.

VIP HOLDERS: 1–2 random NFT for each Pass hold every month.

NOTE: Some numbers can vary if the project need a rebalance, can be more or same or less amount.

We are so excited !

We have more news coming, stay tuned Heroes !
To The Next Galaxy!

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See you Heroes!

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