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Hello Heroes!

Our Liquidity Mining program is officially open to those who want to participate.
We are preparing for the launch of the Store, the Marketplace and other game modes that will soon be able to see in the DEMO loaded to our game. It mean we will show you what is coming soon as sneak peek.

Monday 17:00 UTC ( 10/11/2021 ) we close the entrance and register the participating wallets. The cycle would end in 7 days and we would have 12 hours of verification and sending of rewards before opening the next cycle.

Requirements and Rules for Liquidity Mining:

  • Minimum 16,050 DMT paired with WAX
  • You cannot remove the liquidity in less than 7 days
  • We monitor the 7 days and send the rewards
  • Each bonus cycle is 7 days
  • If you want to add more liquidity or enter for the first time, I recommend you wait for the current cycle to end and wait for us to announce the next cycle.
  • If you enter before the end of the cycle we will not count your entry
  • We take the list of participants when the entrance closes
  • There is no maximum to participate, there is no liquidity limit

Benefits and Process:

  • Every week we verify and send 10% ( 480% APY ) of the amount of your entry in DMT
  • From your second week we begin to send NFT as a consecutive liquidity bonus. Now you would be mining DMT and NFTs.
  • If your added liquidity exceeds 48,150 DMT you receive 1 NFT from the first round.
  • If your added liquidity exceeds 107,000 DMT you receive 2 NFT from the first round.

Let’s talk about what are we working on:

In-Game Store:

  • You can buy your mining tool packs at a price of 25,000 DMT, where you will get one of 3 tools, each representing a rarity and you can improve it by leveling up. More tools will be added with next updates with different characteristics.
  • NFT only available with prices in Nanomium and Laxium, essential for the creation of new NFTs including those necessary to start up the Factories and Structures that you will build on your lands. You will also need these NFTs to make the ships, improve your Hangar, improve your experience in the game by adding features and improvements.
  • NFT only buyable with DMT to add more power to your income in mining and other game modes. Also NFT necessary for the creation of Colony, PVP, PVE, Cooperative.

The Marketplace:

  • This is the perfect place to get what you need by paying in DMT, your tools will only be available for purchase and sale in this market, you can also sell and obtain payments in DMT for a simple commission of 5%.

The Inventory:

  • All your assets will be organized, with relevant information and ready to use / sell / Improve or collect, you choose.


30 New NFTs will be minted throughout the month, these NFTs can be obtained in many ways but not easily. One of them is mining in the game and on Telegram. Then we will announce what these NFTs are and what characteristics they have, as well as the percentages of LUCK that some of these NFTs provide and other details. We will also have 5 key NFTs in the following phases of the game, two of them are Engine and PowerUp, essential for improvements, crafts, inventions, constructions, and others.

Colony and Clans:

Before the Colony Expansion, we want to start testing the Clans creation and balance the Online people pressure in preparation to the Cooperative Mode and others. We are working to release the Clans, where people can create a cooperative strategy to support each others in competition vs other Clans, this stage will help us to recreate the panoramic scenario for our PVP and PVE. More information coming soon.

We are so exited !

We have more news coming, stay tuned Heroes !
To The Next Galaxy!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

See you Heroes!

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