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5 min readOct 1, 2021

As everyone already knows our DMT is currently listed on Alcor Exchange, our NFT Staking is ready and you can start using it tomorrow 10/2/2021 at 15:00 UTC

This article will focus directly on the Staking system and the token, explaining how our economy works at this starting point and the long-term effect. Please read more than one time if is needed.

Token Fee & Mechanism: The Importance

1- The token has a fee system that strengthens equity by holding down falls due to massive sale and preventing large impacts on the market by whales. This fee is basically the heart of the token, every economy needs taxes, deductions, it can be something new for many of you, but with the intention of creating passive and active income in the long term and sustainable it is necessary that it exists. Look at it this way: As long as everyone including the great whales pay the fees, there will always be liquidity to continue making money and that this source of income continues to pay you much longer.

2- Each fee collected will go directly to the spaceheroes1 wallet, the official wallet where the NFTs are minted, then they will be distributed among the different tasks and play to earn schedules according to the mechanism created, including adding more liquidity to the exchange pool where you get your cash.

3- The collected fees will be used only as rewards, returning them to the following players or investors:

  • Hangar Owners
  • Liquidity Miners
  • VIP Monthly Chest
  • Play to Earn Mechanism
  • Events, Holders Rewards
  • Others

4- Each transaction will charge 7% fee, this means that when transferring tokens from one wallet to another, when it sells, when it pays for a service, improvement, repair, mining, it will pay the fee and the mechanism will be activated.

5- The income received by playing on the Space Heroes game website is covered, you do not pay a fee, the Command Center takes care of these expenses (SH). Within the game you only need to worry about making money and having fun, you would only pay if you make a purchase since the DMT leaves your wallet to enter the other user’s wallet or the game wallet.

6- In Staking, you can claim all your free tokens once every 5 days from the internal wallet your profile within the game. If you decide to claim before you will be charged 15% for forcing the claim, do not rush, we recommend you calmly wait for a good amount every 5 days.

7- If your in-game storage reaches the limit, you will not be able to accumulate more winnings, you must increase the space to accumulate more tokens. The warehouse rules are in our Whitepaper, this is another game mode, not just staking.

8- Our official Exchange will be Alcor Exchange. The DMT / WAX pair is available for SWAP and will be available for market orders eventually. When selling in SWAP or creating an order, it will count as a transaction, if you cancel it, you will still take the fee.

Here a Quick example of how the Fee work in parallel with our Game Mechanism :


All the Resources mined from Telegram, In-game Mines and other ways will go directly to our Game Wallet.

There you can see your balance, your wallet level( new feature coming soon ) who unlock new uses in game.

DMT & Resources Mining

At same time the DMT mining is paused since everyone now can Stake their NFT to farm our token.

The Resources will stay and everyone can continue mining the Resources, we not have plans to stop it. Miners will be able to exchange it, most probably by the end of October.

New updates coming for our bot: Tools will have a limit of uses after that they need to be repair, the repair will be paid in the same resources mined, if something change we will announce with more details. We still in development and test phases, we still balancing and making the long term P2E.

Heroes will be used in our Game Modes.

Hero Blend

We hear the community about the blending request for Heroes, since we have plans to craft and build, we can include our Heroes in this phase, at the moment this is just to notice our members we are taking the Hero Blend in consideration and stay tuned for more updates.

Liquidity Mining Program

This new program will be released soon, the community have the chance to invest one single time and get passive income every week just providing liquidity. How it works ? Simple: you provide the amount required in liquidity and make 6.25% income every week, 25% total every month. This income will be paid directly to your wallet. We will announce later more details about the steps to follow and the benefits.

DMT Holder Program

Our Top holders ( not announced yet the holder rank ) will get paid only by hold our token. More tokens you hold more income.

DMT Staking

Our members will have the chance to make 300–500% APY staking our tokens and locking for 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months period. You can pick one of this 3 choices, more long you lock your tokens more multipliers will be applied, more income.

The Big Miner

Our team is preparing a new surprise for the members who participate in more than one of this program or meet other criteria who will be announced later.

We have more news coming, stay tuned Heroes !
To The Next Galaxy!

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See you Heroes!

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