Discord + Dark Matter Token !

2 min readJul 7, 2021

Attention Heroes !

Out principal ship Husk found something amazing on their travel!

Lore: (…) As the spacecraft moved further away from planet earth, abnormal space objects covered in a thick, shiny black mass became more frequent that were not in any known state of matter or elements on Earth. The captain and the board debated what to call this discovery, and finally named it: Dark Matter(…)

Our fleet recently just ushered in another great news. We want to invite you to our Discord server, where we will begin to carry out activities around our Dark Matter token, which will be the most valuable resource within Space Heroes.

The use of the token within discord, how to obtain it, how to use it and everything related to the economy will be ready very soon. The Discord server already has the 100% functional token, we just need to put the information so that the community knows how to use it and obtain it.

Right now, having just sent this information to your ships, our engineers will be writing the content that they will use as a guide.

IMPORTANT: Thank you for your support and we will celebrate that we are already 200 members on Telegram and more than 120 on Twitter, more than 390 wax wallet on whitelist, we are close to reach our limit : 500 accounts for the limited drop. It’s amazing!

*** Next announcement tomorrow, this one will include the game lore and Discord Economy information, In the channel # dmt-tokenomics is the information about how to use the commands to earn Dark Matter Token. The cases of use and commerce within Discord and in the future in the game, will be published in the next 24 hours. ***

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