Builder Pack release !

Hi Heroes!

How to qualify for this drop?


What are my chances of getting at least 1 pack?

How many tickets do I need?

I am a VIP, do I need a ticket?

What is the ticket process like?

How is the process for VIPs?

What will happen to the packages that are not sold?

What can I find inside the Builder Packs?

What can I win with those robots and drones?

What are the ODDs in this Builder Pack and how many NFTs does each pack contain?

  • 8 NFTs guaranteed
  • up to 4 extra calculated by smart contract.
  • 19400 NFTs total
  • 1500 drones and 1000 robots can be build from packs

See you Heroes!

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This is an NFT Play-To-Earn game inside the metaverse. Get your Hero NFT, Tools, Ships, build Hangar, Lab, and make your own Galactic-Station!