Builder Pack release !

4 min readJan 24, 2022


Hi Heroes!

Tuesday Jan 25th 17:00 UTC is the Builder Pack sale, is a half private sale since only who is already playing Space Heroes can participate.

How to qualify for this drop?

You only need to have a ticker or VIP and $35 in DMMT since the sale of these packs will be made only in DMMT, and obviously have your account registered because the sale is on our website.
If you fulfill this you can participate.


What are my chances of getting at least 1 pack?

83.33% are your chances considering that there are 2,500 packs for 3,000 tickets, about 500 tickets will remain unpurchased.

How many tickets do I need?

1 ticker = 1 pack (not insured, only if you are fast)
NOTE: Tickets will be burned after claiming your pack.

I am a VIP, do I need a ticket?

No, VIPs have their privileges for life, they have 1 pack reserved for each VIP pass. But if you want to buy more than 1 x pass, then you can use tickets. Remember, it is optional for VIPs to participate with tickets.

What is the ticket process like?

Shortly before the sale, we will give you the instructions again, but basically you will have a virtual hangar with the recipe from the pack, you just have to craft and that’s it.

How is the process for VIPs?

Same as tickets, but for VIPs we will issue VIP-Tickets to burn instead of VIP Passes, these VIP-Tickets can only be used by a VIP member. If you decide to sell your VIP-Ticket the other person will not be able to use it unless they are also a VIP member.
VIP passes have to be activated on the website to participate and obtain VIP permission, if you have 10 VIPs and want 10 packs then you have to have all 10 VIP PASSes activated.

What will happen to the packages that are not sold?

The sale will last approximately 25 minutes, in case there is any mishap we can extend it a little longer.
Packs that are not sold for any reason will be opened and all NFTs will be burned except for robot parts that will be used for giveaways.

What can I find inside the Builder Packs?

All the parts needed to make a robot will be available among the packs and recipes available in the hangars. The packs will mostly provide the important parts that cannot be manufactured yet until the robot factory and lab are available.
In addition you will find robot and drone assembly blueprints, Barracks and Lab construction blueprints.
You will also have the opportunity to obtain completely manufactured drones.

What uses do these drones and robots have and when can we use them?
We will have it ready as soon as possible but basically in the month of February we must have it ready or almost ready, since first we have to launch 2 more features that are very important for the game, one of them is The Marketplace.

What can I win with those robots and drones?

I recommend you read this article, drones is the best entry for new members since the investment is lower in comparation to other game modes.

Read more about robots here:

Mechanics of drones and robots will be updated in the SH Book in the next 48h or sooner, as well as the tables and the probabilities of the missions.

What are the ODDs in this Builder Pack and how many NFTs does each pack contain?

  • 8 NFTs guaranteed
  • up to 4 extra calculated by smart contract.
  • 19400 NFTs total
  • 1500 drones and 1000 robots can be build from packs

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See you Heroes!

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