As you all know, we went through a bad experience and had a lot of damage to our ecosystem, members and economy …
But we don’t give up, and neither does our community, and thanks to everyone’s support we were able to work for 15 days to repair everything and come…

To avoid lot of issues and work more smooth for a better user experience we enabled a mechanism who lock your assets similar to staking. You cam remove your assets any time if they are 100% full of stamina, durability etc. What it mean ? For example: of you have…

Hello Heroes !

Our developers are working on the implementations of a super complex mechanism that will take us to the first part of the creation of the multiverse.

In order not to make this article so long, I will give you a summary and then individually we will create guides with images…


Hello Heroes!

This article will talk about our Store, Mining Mode (Alpha test), Whitepaper, Roadmap and some updates related to the game.

To start we want to clarify we still in Alpha phase, this phase is not showing UI development because we are…

Hello, this is a fast guide to help you to start in Space Heroes Alpha phase.

The game modes you will play now is not the game at all. This alpha is being tested internally (codes, database, smart contract…) but outside while our UI is developed you can do all…

There will be 100 different Components to Craft and use for everything in our game.

The Hangar is one of the most important assets in Space Heroes, as everyone knows we are on the way to creating an RPG game where users can specialize in different areas or roles, manufacture assets of different levels and rarities, market them and much more. A large part of…

Article 2.0 ( Updated )

Hello Heroes👋!

We have more news, our super-humans are building a new Hangar to evolve our technologies and the chances to survive and safe our people.

Here the details:

We are excited to announce📢 Hangar sale whitelist for Space Heroes. Each whitelist will have a difference time of 5 minutes, between drops.

DATE: October 16th 17:00 UTC, Pre-Minted packs

***Unpacking October 19th 17:00 UTC***

Packs include:

  • 1…


Hello Heroes!

We previously mentioned that 30 new NFTs are to be minted and 5 major NFTs as well. These NFTs can only be obtained in events, in resource mining, and by playing the next game modes that are to come. …


This is an NFT Play-To-Earn game inside the metaverse. Get your Hero NFT, Tools, Ships, build Hangar, Lab, and make your own Galactic-Station!

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